Big Thanks to GFC!

I’ve been backing GFC since before preorders were even a thing and Wiley was sharing prototypes and CAD images on TW.
Sure there have been some hiccups, but at the end of the day, the support has been amazing.

Just got my embassy hinges installed and oh boy those are even nicer in real life. Having an American owned, operated, and fabricated company with a support system willing to upgrade 100+ campers, all while coming to you to do it. I haven’t seen it before GFC, and I doubt anyone will follow in their footsteps.

Hats off to you all, and I look forward to a bright, Go Fast future.


Totally agree! Amazing product and company. :us: :hammer:


3rd that sentiment - just had my hinges replaced in Belgrade a couple weeks ago - completely painless and great work - great people, great product!

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I’m on the East Coast route in WV. Definitely pretty excited to get those things installed. Just in time for Spring! Do you guys know if the camper gets lifted off the truck with a hoist, or could it be done in a standard garage? Also, roughly how long does the install take? Just trying to plan to make Mikes life easier when he gets here.

they just unbolt the top tent section, slide out old hinge, replace any rusted bolt and bolt it back up, new hinge goes into the extrusion. so no extra height is needed


As said, super painless process.

Tent to camper bolts come out, old hinges slide out and then you bolt the whole thing back together.

New hinges get riveted to the doors and then bolt to the extrusion.

New embassy hinges are awesome and seem bombproof so far.


excellent! thanks for the info!