Biggest Difference Between V1 & V2 Models?

What’s the biggest difference between V1 & new V2 models of GCF right now?

Seems to be the space frame. On v2 it’s all aluminum.


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First thing is the weight! GFC posted in the YouTube comments it’s 70 pounds lighter when asked about the weight. Then you have the seamless tent around the honeycomb top and the bottom frame. No more snaps to hold the tent to the frame. From my understanding from the video the tent is in its own track along the bottom and top. No more intrusion from bugs and hopefully water. Then you have the rear panel that you can lock and unlock while inside the camper. You can also remove all the panels with ease for full cabana mode.


That tent being sealed is such a an awesome upgrade to the design.

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Gas struts are also now inside the frame.


I’m interested if you’ll be able to route wiring inside the new frame?


I have no confirmation of this at all but it seems like it is certainly possible