Biggest Panel to Fit the GFC Solar Tray

Has anyone found a 150W or larger solar panel to fit the solar tray? I have a Renogy 100W panel that fits great but was hoping for a bit more.

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Just posted in another thread… I did buy the Renogy 175s… and they certainly don’t fit… I’m looking to see if there’s a way to extend the solar tray… in my case I’m using two panels and 3 beef bars… so I may be able to jury rig something…

I use 2 100w bouge rv panels. They’re smaller but fit nicely up on my rack and I have space to put lumber or other materials up there. I also have a 4 way Y splitter so when I need more panel power I plug those in when I am stationed go get another 220w of solar power. I don’t think you need more power than that unless you’re in the middle of nowhere for weeks on end. The panels you have are pretty powerful. What type of battery are you charging? 200ah?

I bought 2 200W panels that I will have to work with to mount to my beef bars after I get my camper in June.