Bike Wheel Storage Dilemma

Looking for input on storage options for my bike wheels.

I have a RockMounts Backstage bike rack.
My wife and I travel with two bikes and I like to bring a second set of wheels built up for road rides when I come across them (gravel/MTB tires on regularly)

I do not have my GoFast yet, I am actually driving out to Montana in a few weeks to get it. But, in the meantime I need to come up with a way to store my spare wheels, and ideally locking them in the open bed when I am driving out there.

Anyone have thoughts?

I was thinking of something like this, but with a better mounting base option for a vehicle. (Mount

Agreed, it is a very intriguing product, I just don’t know where I would mount it.

Previously I owned a van and I drilled two holes through the upright of my ladder and each hole could mount the wheels because this product gave me the idea and I could do it for under $5.

On my truck I am stumped for where I would mount these.

Yea, I’m really struggling to see where these would be mounted best haha. Wheels are a pretty awkward thing to try and store. I’d say when you do get the GFC, you could store them on the ceiling with some netting or something, just using a foam pad to keep them from rattling. or the plastic axle guards that come with bikes when they ship.

Agreed. My biggest dilemma really is how to lock them so they don’t walk away.
Without the GFC I guess technically storage is “easy” but a system that locks them is hard to figure out.
Once I have the GFC I won’t have to think about locking but I love the idea of ceiling mounting them.

I use these bags and put them wherever they fit out of the way. Usually behind the back seat of my truck.

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Certainly nice bags, unfortunately the cab isn’t an option for me as the car seats take up most of that space and I might get more complaints then I usually do about all my gear lol

Maybe this isn’t at all what you want, but…
have you considered just one set of wheels with semi-slick tires mounted?

They perform well on the trail and on the road. I use semi-slicks in moab. Great on slickrock, good on trails, even good in the sand.

When you get back home, remount your normal tires. Just a thought.


I have certainly considered it and for trips where I am just training I absolutely might going forward. Unfortunately on this trip (9 weeks) I have 3 road focused races and 3 really rough gravel races that have large sections of single track.
So long story short I need my 650b set built out with some pretty burly 53mm tires and my 700c set built out with my 25c road tires.

Perhaps a second bike is the better solution and a bike rack for 3 bikes??? Would be a tough sell

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N+1, my friend. N+1.


I’ve thought if the same thing. Although I’m still searching for a locking “quick fist” type of mount to go around the rim.
Something like this mounted to my stock bedrails or possibly a molle panel.

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I now know who all of the cyclists are on this board.

I’ve thought about using the same fixture that @Eisenheim posted on a thin beam that runs crosswise under the gofast bed (ceiling of the shell) so they’re up and out of the way most of the time. I haven’t measured to see if two wheels will sit side x side crosswise.

Also 25’s?!?!

Yeah, I think I plan to ceiling mount them once I have the GFC.

And yeah, I pretty much exclusively ride 25s in road races so that I can maximize aerodynamic benefit with my rims (rule of 1.25) and and consistently gives me the best rolling resistance. Definitely wouldn’t want to go any narrower and roll slower, could consider 28s, but then air wont flow well over my rims so 25s it is.
Curious why you questioned?

haha, the question isn’t too serious, really. But a lot of studies out over the last 6-7 years about wider tires being faster because of how it effects the contact patch (less contact with the road), aero benefits (no sure with narrower rims), and comfort = speed over greater distances. I’m rolling on 32’s right now (not racing because of cancer) but finding that 30’s are the sweet-spot. World tour level Pro’s are running 28’s these days.

Side note (or back on topic): just got back from a gravel race in Vernal, UT (just rode it at my partner’s pace) and our gofast made a great basecamp. Thought about taking a nap upstairs while we waited for the podiums. It also got me thinking about a personal solution for wheels that won’t take up much space in a short bed tacoma. Also want onboard air instead of mounting a floor pump on the side crossbars. So many thoughts.

Yark, I setup onboard air in my bed by simply wiring a 12v outlet back there and carrying a harbor freight compressor, though I also travel with a pocket batteyr powered pump to take to the start line etc. if I am feeling overly antsy.

To the tires point, on the world tour, riders do typically ride 28s and 30s for segments or races with lots of cobbles or chunk roads (luckly we don’t face much of that in domestic riding) this is typically going to give the best rolling resistance in very small part by reducing the contact patch, but predominantly it is because of tire deflection and reducing vertical oscillation. On smoother segments or smooth road races they almost always trend towards the 25 side of things with some riders still opting for narrower on incredibly smooth pavement.
Domestically and with the surfaces of most crits and road races I do 25s make the most sense, not just for aerodynamic optimization, but because the strike a very good balance of decent tire deflection on moderate pressure and reduce contact patch. Not sure have seen anyone consistently opting for wider than 25 on smooth surface yet, domestic or international, but it is always interesting how things change. 20years ago we all thought narrower was faster now (thank god) we recognize there is much more to the story and it is very situational (as you point out with world tour riding wider on rougher roads) and each use case is incredibly situational.

… just like everyone’s GFC being a very unique and individual build … (super proud of myself I brought this back full circle to make it about GFC and not my stupid bike tire choices lol)

Just to throw out my 2 wooden nickels, I run 28’s on my TCR, 32’s on my Defy and 50’s on my Revolt. They all have there place, but I’m a firm believer in 32 and up sizes now.

yeah… compressor is pro move. If it fails, i can always use my hand pump or a co2 (gasp)… haven’t used one of them for 5 years now with tubeless.

The Jumbo-Visma guys are all running 28’s in every road race (a good friend runs their PR and we talk about tires… a lot… probably way too much. we’re nerds). More of the pro crit teams are moving to 28’s every year (i’m also in/out of the bike industry and study the trends and watch closely at races).

You should be getting pretty close to delivery of your GFC by now. Post up some photos when you get your setup dialed, maybe a little trip report. Also, if you drift through the Salt Lake area and want to ride, hit me up.