Black or Gray, Contrasting or not, Panels?

I’m having a silly but very tough time deciding on panel color for a summer install. My truck is Tacoma magnetic gray metallic.

I’m torn between contrasting BLACK panels and similar MAGNETIC GRAY METALLIC panels.

Any words of wisdom, pros/cons, rationale behind your decision? Is the gray a good match or does it look like a new but slightly off color no compared to truck? TIA for indulging this request!

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Unless its a perfect match (which it won’t be with a GFC), black seems like the only way to go. Also ups resale value. I really can’t understand the rationale of choosing anything but black. Just my 2 cents


If you go to the build gallery on the go fast campers page, you can see what it looks like. The gray panels do not match, but they aren’t too far off. I chose the gray panels on my magnetic gray metallic tacoma and I like it. Was afraid black would retain more heat in summer also.


Thanks very much for this. Makes total sense to me. Surprising how many gray on gray instead of black on black I see in the build gallery. -Adam

Thanks, it has been surprising how few black on gray I find. Thanks for note on match feeling good and good point about heat.

I went with the magnetic gray. It’s not perfect but I’m happy I went with it over black.


Wow ! so nice <3

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If you plan to keep your truck get whatever color you want an know that long term the clear coat on the crappy Toyota paint will fail so if you color match now it won’t matter in 5-10 years. That said, my vote is black because even with the colored panels the extrusion on the top will be black.

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Hey what makes that a “Birder’s Edition” taco. Love birds! Thanks

Appreciate this and the truck looks great! I’ve opted for black for contrast, match to bars as you note, resale value.

Custom made! I’m an ornithologist and use this truck for work so figured that it’s appropriate!

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I have black panels and now I am looking for a wrap of some sort. They are extremely hot to the touch in the summer time

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Yeah, just go for black panels (resale value) and then vinyl wrap the panels in whatever color you want.

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