Black Truck with GFC Red Camper?

I’ve scrolled through all of the “Show Me Your GFC” and “Random GFC Photos” threads, but I still haven’t found the illustrious black truck with red camper combo. Anyone have any photos or is saavy enough with photoshop to give me an idea of what a black truck with red camper would look like?

Here ya go: itwilllooksweet.jpg


Hahahaha you’re right!

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Here is my 5 minute photoshop job of @OhaiJonny


This. Was. Perfect. Thanks so much for the preview. I’m still on the fence. itwilllooksweet.jpg is definitely a fitting caption, but I’m torn because I think I want to maintain at least a little bit of stealth-ness since I’ll have the truck on public streets at some points.

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I was all in for the red, but what turned me off is that it’s a gloss finish instead of the normal textured. Really happy with how the destroyer blue came out on my mag grey.

Not for everybody but I say go for it! One thing to consider is that many people who buy a gfc rarely use it and then sell it anyways so you have to ask yourself are you one of those people? If so you might have a tougher time selling a bright red camper but who knows.

Keep in mind the color options are only for the panels. The upper extrusion parts will be black either way.

I went ahead with the black camper and paid my invoice so now it’s just a waiting game until it’s ready! Also, I figured if I wanted to change its color, I could always wrap it.