Blake's Expedition/Surf Rig - 3rd Gen Tacoma

2019 Tacoma DCSB Off Road - Manual Transmission
BF Goodrich KM3 Mud Terrain Tires 285/75/16
Toyota Tacoma 2020 TRD Pro 16in wheels
White Knuckle rock sliders
Icon Tubular upper control arms
Icon Extended Travel 2.5 VS IR Coilover front shocks
Icon 0-1.5" 2.0 VS RR rear shocks
Deaver U402 stage III expedition series leaf pack
GFC black / grey #693
GFC Ladder
2 GFC Beef Racks
Clazzio Leather Seat Covers (black with red stitching)

Hi Lift Jack
Full Size Spare under bed
5 Gallon Jerry fuel can (bolted to bed platform)
7 Gallon Water Can (bolted to bed platform)
Waterport Shower (mounted on the side of the GFC)
Goalzero Yeti 500x Battery and 100w Solar Panel
Half bed platform (3/4" plywood bolted to bed)
Yeti Cooler
Pelian Cases (bolted to bed platform)
Rubbermaid bins for food and camp kitchen
Matt Gecko LED lighting kit for the camper

I bought the tacoma new a year ago and on the same day put down the deposit for the Go Fast Camper. The main thing I wanted to have was a capable rig to travel the Americas. Although the 3rd gen tacoma may not be the best option for Central and South America, it’s reliable enough and will have to do. A van was also considered over a truck camper for living comfort but I’m glad I went with the truck. Maybe one day I’ll get a sprinter when i’m retired and my back hurts. Additionally i’m pretty familiar with South America and usually spend half the year in Patagonia. A truck was really the only option for the places I like to get into. My only complaints would be its flashy, has complicated computer systems and of course the lack of available parts down South. On the other hand it’s safer and being new its more reliable than an older truck. While I would have liked to have an older pickup, i’m pretty happy with my decisions so far.

At the end of May during the midst of Coronavirus I traveled up to Montana to pickup the Go Fast and have been living in it since. The first month I spent photographing the Tetons, and Yellowstone, as well as some of Wyomings wild horse herds. I based near Big Sky where I was also dslr camera trapping and it was close to Bozeman where I could dial in the camper and truck. It was nice having GF so close as well as a town and a friends shop. I found a nice spot in the Gallatin National Forest and would highly recommend anyone going to pickup their camper to camp out on Taylor Creek near Big Sky. I spent a lot of time there and the GFC handled some seriously heavy rain storms and wind here. I felt like it took a month of living in to get everything dialed in, organized and running smoothly. Now i’ve traveled back to California and somewhat settled in here on the Northern coast where i’ve been mostly surfing and enjoying the cold water. Being a photographer I will using this thread to mostly share photos but if anyone has any questions i’m happy to answer or talk about trips. As well as just photos of the truck, i’ll also be sharing photos from the places its taken me.

On the way up to get the GFC:



sweet truck. Really good photos too. How did you get that photo of the bear and your truck in the same shot? Hopefully you weren’t hiding in the bushes or something… Ha!