Blu the 07' Tacoma TRD Offroad - V2 Camper Overland Build


This is a thread documenting the process of my build in my '07 TRD Offroad.

This truck is my daily driver I use for work as a ski guide so it needs to be drivable but also very reliable in winter conditions. I also plan on building it up to be able to do winter wheeling specifically in the Ghost River wilderness area near where I live. Functional space is key so I can fit skis but camping is also key as I drive long distances for road trips for skiing.

Build Start: 2019/08/31

This was Blu on the date I bought him.

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Build Update: Tire Upgrade - 2021/09/17

Not much changed to Blu over the first while I had bought him but in the fall of 2020 I ordered my GFC v2 and it was set to be delivered in October of 2021. This fall I upgraded my tires to a LT265/75/16 Goodyear WinterCommand tire (unstudded) for the upcoming season.

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Build Update: GFC v2 Install - 2021/10/20

The day was finally here! COVID obviously affected things and I was unfortunately unable to drive down to Bozeman to pick up my camper (as I am Canadian). Fortunately the crew at GFC found a work around and was able to send my camper up to The Gear Shop and have them do the install there. I’d heard about TGS for ages as several of my good friends wheel with them so I was stoked to finally get to check out the shop.

It was super awesome to get to watch the GFC team train and teach the TGS guys how to install the campers as I believe that they are now the Canadian distributor. Super professional job by everyone and I was stoked to get the camper.

Here it is after the mount…

After I headed back home I decided to do a little subtle aesthetic mod and plastidipped my badges black and added some stickers. Fun little afternoon project and I’m really happy with how easy it was and how well it turned out.

Lastly, here’s Blu with the GFC v2, blacked badges and stickers.

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Trip Update: The First Night - 2021/10/25

Figured I’d take the rig up for a quick overnight spin just to start to see how everything worked. Walked away with a few learnings…

  • I was pretty cold, even with a warm sleeping bag (Synthetic Bag, rated to -18c) - I think I’ll be adding a memory foam topper cut to the block sizes to add insulation and comfort. Flannel sheets will also likely help with both those things.

  • Condensation was pretty fierce. The nighttime temps were probably 1C/33F and was very rainy. The next morning the inside of my roof was slick with water but it wasn’t quite snowing on me inside. I think next time leaving the lower mesh doors open will help but I’m going to add some small dehumidifiers into the tent at night to hopefully control it a bit but I will probably add a fan down the road.

Morning view…

Until next time…

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Check out my Ram 1500 build, got my camper with the same intent. Albeit, I’m a slowly aspiring guide :joy:.

The Diesel heater is the game changer in reducing the condensation as well as a USB charged fan. Have a great winter, perhaps we’ll cross paths in a parking lot this season LOL.


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