Boat heater in GFC

Hey yall,

have any of you installed a propane/wood burning boat stove in your GFC?

Something like this Dickinson Newport Propane Fireplaces P9000 Cabin Heater for Boat, Garage, Shed and Tiny House

There are other campers with flat wall that have fitments for this heater, like,, but it’s obviously a bit different with a gfc.


I would absolutely love to see a GFC with a Dickinson Fireplace installed, but have not came across one yet. Plenty of diesel and propane furnaces though.

I think the struggle is you would have to permanently lock one of the side panels to mount the heater on as to not stress the hinge. Then, you’d have a chimney/exhaust on the side of the camper instead of the rear to deal with.

They seem to be so popular with Alu-Cab, Scout Campers, etc.


Dan @gnardoggie is running one on his Super Pacific. I didn’t search too hard but hers a couple TW posts from him.

Thanks @ justrussell
for sharing the links.

Interesting, I didn’t even know that.

The most convenient and safest of all possible ways is electric fan heaters, but they are inefficient and too expensive in the end. And the most effective is a stove with firewood, but this requires a lot of space, which in my case played an important role and this method was not ideal.Personally, I chose ordinary radiators for myself. One day I was just sitting and comparing, and decided that it was better to buy designer radiators here.

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Pick my camper up in a couple weeks and have been very curious how folks are supplementing heat. Was pretty intrigued by this set up!

Seems to me like the top of the stove pipe would need to extend above the top of the tent, otherwise you couldn’t even “crack a window” and the tent could easily end up smelling like smoke. I installed a cubic mini woodstove in my Cricket pop up trailer. It works great but it has a lot more room than my GFC.