Bow in tent extrusion?

Has anyone else gotten a bow in the top of their gfc tent? specifically the aluminum extrusion… Seems like the center of my extrusion is about 1/2 from actually closing all of the way like the rest… I have nothing other than the original pads up top… … hmmm

If you have an issue or concern about the extrusion, please submit a Service Request Form. We are here to help, so please reach out to us directly!


There are a few older posts on this. Just search for bowing. Seems like the consensus is that it is normal and nothing to stress about.

Thanks, wanted to get some info before doing the service request thing… IE normal or strange. Since it seems to be normal I shall just keep on keeping on.

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I would still reach out to service. I feel like they had a video about this on the v1. It’s normal and I think they just pound it down with a rubber mallet.

The mallet was to adjust left to right on the V1, but agree never hurts to have a service ticket documented.

I usually have to mallet my v2 to get the handles to align enough to close. Its no big deal though

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