Boxlink Platform Idea

Quarantine boredom is already getting the best of me so I thought I’d share this for any Ford people on here. I’ve been wanting to figure out a way to utilize the boxlink on F150’s (maybe Rangers too?) for a while. Full disclosure: Ford hasn’t published any load rating for these things that I can find, so we’ll see how it holds up.



Modify the strong tie brackets to bolt into the HandETrack

Bolt 2x6’s to brackets

From what I’ve read the sheer load on the boxlink brackets is quite low, so I reinforced the cross beams with 2x4’s

Install Plywood

And that’s it. Only took about 2 hours including a much busier than usual trip to the Home Depot. I’m waiting for some more BedRug material to cover the wood and some Front Runner cargo rails to finish things up.


Awesome setup man, I like the handetrack anchors, I will be looking into utilizing those for my setup when I receive my GFC.

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Looks good. GFC used the box links for the Flight Deck on the @GFC Raptor. Looks like they designed their own box link attachment.

Unless you off-road like a Raptor, then you should be fine. The leg posts will minimize some of the stress on the box link attachment points. However, I would have added wood posts at the center of each 2x6” just for added insurance. Good work!

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That’s pretty cool, I hadn’t seen those photos of the flight deck in the Raptor yet.

I’m not really worried about it, but if it becomes an issue I’ll definitely go back and add supports in the center. Can’t beat the big open cargo area below the deck though!

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Where are you able to get bulk BedRug material? I didnt’t see it listed anywhere on their web site. Sweet build, love the open floor plan.

I think, being a Chevrolet owner, I’ll be looking at “GearOn” cross rails as a starting point for building my own platform. Supposedly, according to the engineers who make them, they’re rated for 500lbs.™-cross-rails-22950523?year=2021&make=Chevrolet&model=Colorado&categoryId=12010

that gold frameeee :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I just got this universal one and cut it to size to fit the platform.


Hey @mode7 ,

Did you consider trying to find an L bracket you could bolt directly to the 4 box link receiver holes in the bed wall?

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Following up here - I found a local fabricator to build some custom brackets that I can bolt to box link and then drop 1”x2” steel bar into, then lay some plywood on top. This will allow me to easily remove when I want to fill the bed with whatever. Will update with additional photos after I install.

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Brackets worked great. Now on to fitting and securing the plywood.