Bozeman to Big Sky, camp spots

We’ll be picking up our V2 Camper on New Year’s Eve.

Need a good camping spot for the night, somewhere between Bozeman and Big Sky. Will be heading to West Yellowstone the following morning. Hopefully there will be clear skies that evening.

Thanks for the help.

There really aren’t any winter camping options between Big Sky and Bozeman. The FS has drawn all the gates on all the campgrounds for the season. I just drove this on Friday. There are still some trailheads that are accessible…but likely will change between now and NYE. Plus, the trailheads I’m thinking about are mostly off-limits for boondocking and signage is posted. You’d honestly be better off booking a cheap hotel in Bozeman. No telling what the weather will do. Most of the town of west Yellowstone is closed for the season. You won’t be able to access the park from the west Yellowstone entrance. The park is also closed for the season, unless you take the snow coach or go in on snow machine with an outfitter. The Gallatin highway between Bozeman and W Yellowstone can be super sketchy if the weather turns. On my way back to Idaho Falls this past Friday it was dicey in a few spots and there was only a skiff of snow. It is likely to close if we’re in a nasty storm cycle. Where are you coming from/going?

I also did the Gallatin Highway in snow and it was pretty sketch. Albeit I had really bad tires at the time. Best of luck. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

I think you can camp in certain areas at big sky resort. I camped in a parking lot near the lifts but it was during summer.

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I got ahead of a big storm coming through the Gallatin Highway not too long ago. Super sketchy but beautiful…saw a few cars run off the road and one guy almost came into my lane head on because he tried to slam his brakes on a turn off. This was once we reached W. Yellowstone

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Thanks for the info. Coming from Boulder. Install Friday at 3pm…just need to be back by Sunday night.

Up for any recommendations.

I’m doing a similar trip this weekend, but a few days later. I was thinking of coming back through Idaho Falls with an overnight near Island Park Reservoir.

It would be faster to take I90 to Billings, then down through Casper / Cheyenne – possibly quite a bit faster if canyon roads are nasty.

If you’re set on going thru West and are willing to drive a little further the first night, I’ve seen folks camp in the Buttermilk parking lot just E of Targhee Pass in the winter.


It’s just a little out of the way, but I camped at Battle Ridge the night after I picked my camper up, stopped at Big Sky the next day for a few laps, then camped just outside west yellowstone. This was on 12/2, and there wasn’t any snow yet really, so not sure if it’s still an option.

Info here: Battle Ridge Campground

Currently at GFC for weather kit update. Headed back to Boulder after service, today. I just checked with Bridger Bowl and they allow “fully contained” over night parking, told me to check in with facilities when I arrive, as to get lot location that won’t leave me plowed in. Hope that info is helpful. Plan to drive slow, they have winter up here.

Travel safe, be well