BRAND NEW Superlite (SOLD)

Goodmorning folks. I have a brand new GFC Superlite roof top tent up for sale. It is brand new, has never been mounted to a truck or slept in. We’re changing directions with our camping setup, and therefore are selling. I’m asking $162 dollars more than I paid for it. I figure if somebody wants one they wouldn’t mind paying that instead of waiting a year. It’s a super cool tent, I especially like the mattress compared to the regular 2" foam RTT mattress.

Location: Asheville, NC (I drive to ATL fairly often as well)

Price $SOLD$

It won’t let me post pictures yet, but I suppose I can text or email them if you want some!

Are you willing to have it shipped if I pay for the cost of that?

I would have, but I got rid of the box already. My mistake!

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Darn! Well if you are willing to box it up I’d buy it and arrange for the shipment to pick it up. Understand that’s a lot more of a pain than selling it locally but thought I’d throw the offer out there.


I know a guy that’s interested, 910-705-6642 -Bobby.
His account is still waiting approval but he’d like a call if this is still available.

Thats me. :arrow_up: You can just text if you prefer. I can pickup.

If sale falls through I am interested. 781-264-6724 in charlotte