BRAND NEW Superlite tent on East Cost for sale

Hi everyone! I got a BRAND NEW GoFast Super Lite Tent, but I want to put it out for sale. As of now, they are sold out, and getting one when they aren’t either means driving to Montana, or waiting a very long time to ship it. When me and my friend went on our trip to Montana to get it, we found out that he cannot operate it due to his medical condition, we did not sleep in it, and we used normal tents. While it is sad to see it go, this means that anyone looking for one on the east coast can easily get one for $1,800. Thank you for your time. Location is MA.

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Hey are you still selling the tent? Also, do you have the ladder and mattress?

Good afternoon. I am interested. Can purchase today. Please email me at

Also interested - email is

Hello is the tent still available??