Break in through rear window

I have a v2 GFC Camper on my 2004 tacoma and this morning it was shattered when I came out to my truck. I’m not sure who or what was the cause, but all I know is that I need a replacement or a fix for it soon. I am open to any recommendations. I have already filed for support with GFC about obtaining a replacement window.

What area are you in? Does it appear to be vandalism, ie rocks or brick in the bed? Sorry this happened to you and your rig, hoping its not but damn, people suck

Wow that really sucks. I had something similar; window was pushed in but thankfully not broken. This was in Sonora, Mexico. They ended up opening my tailgate (non-locking) and damaged the weatherstripping which was easy to replace. I since installed my 2nd Pop-lock which is also not really working anymore. Unfortunately, they are POS.

Do you have your window covered or can people see in the back?

Where are you located? I have a whole rear panel with a window