British Columbia to Belgrade November 18th - Build 1921

So it’s time to start putting together some form of travel plan. My XL install is scheduled Sept 11 @ 9am. Don’t have a huge amount of experience travelling in the US, so not super familiar with legalities of camping. That being said, I’m ok with spending a few bucks to park at a proper campsite. Also, not much into Off-roading, per say, as this is my daily driver and ski rig. But used to dirt roads and remote sites for camping in Central BC.

The plan (so far) is to cross the border at Oliver, BC then head down towards Spokane. Honestly hoping to have a two day buffer, but looking to make it to Missoula the first day. Looks like there’s some good mountain biking there, and I love fall riding.

So, I’m looking for advice on great mountain biking (enduro/XC style) with camping nearby ideally along the way. Then looking for a place to camp near Belgrade so I can be sure to be early to GFC for my install.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

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This might be what you are looking for near Belgrade to bike and camp, hopefully it will cool off by September. Might be a little to hot and dry currently out there.

Copper City Trails Project — Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association (

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Can’t go wrong with the Hyalite area too. Friends of Hyalite

If you’re looking for good truck camping, a good app is iOverlander. It’s not the best but you can score some decent spots in a last minute pinch and it’s free.

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Sweet, yeah I’ve downloaded and have been scoping spots. At this point I’m not even sure I’ll be able to cross the border so I’m planning for two different options. Thanks for the heads up :sunglasses::metal:t3:

Also, some asshat stole my 2020 Kona Process 134cr/dl so dealing with that right now.

I hit Hyalite before install, great off the road boondocking spots deep in woods! Extremely busy on weekends. Great Rec Area.


Coming down Nov 17th to Missoula area hopefully! Planning on ground tenting at Big Pine, I believe it’s called. Install @ noon on the 18th, anyone else around wanna grab a coffee? Plan A is to start heading north after the install towards the Eureka border crossing. Is it ski touring season yet, or should a guy bring his bike?

Gotta get back to the Canadian border within 72 hours or suffer having to get another PCR covid test.

So after much debate, I’ve opted on the following trip plan tomorrow
Nov 16th:

Williams Lake to Penticton, BC - 5.5hrs

  • PCR test 1pm

Penticton, BC to Coeur D Alene, ID - 5.5hrs

  • Find a hotel or keep driving if I’m not too tired

Nov 17
Coeur D Alene, ID - Belgrade, MT - 5.5hrs

  • Hopefully be allowed to work on my camper installing my solar, lights, awning, shovel/axe mounts
  • Beg and plead to have them install my camper early so I can get on my way back north

Nov 18
Belgrade, MT

  • Go for an early morning tour, wash the truck, then get things sorted for my 12noon install
  • High Five the team and blast out the door
    Belgrade, MT to Kimberley, BC - 7.5hrs (if I have my PCR results)

Nov 19
Kimberley, BC
-Visit some old friends
Kimberley, BC - Revelstoke, BC 4.5 hrs

  • Camp out in the camper

Nov 20
Ski tour!!! Then head home to Williams Lake - 5.5 hours


that’s a nice road trip

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Drove through a couple of worm holes at hyper speed and made it all the way to Missoula.

Almost got me some new fenders from a Semi spinning out because he’s too stunned to put chains on! And I can say that as a professional driver myself, and being that stunned numb nuts spun out on a hill.

A little blurry shot of the shit show outside of Missoula

Glad I have my studded Toyo Open Country tires, made the drive a piece of piss.


Made it to Belgrade with a day to spare basically. Washed the truck, went to the ski shop, worked out, now to just wait patiently…

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Well I did it! Williams Lake, BC Canada to Belgrade Montana and back in 4 days!!!

The good part is to get a better idea of fuel millage on big trips. On the way down I managed to get about 12.8 L/100km. So not that big of a difference with the camper on. Funny enough, I packed all my camping gear and never ended up using the camper (since I stayed at a friends last night). That’s ok, it’ll get put to use next weekend and then some as Avalanche courses ramp up.

What a great trip!


I picked mine up January 2020. I left the Texas Panhandle with 70° F (~21° for those using intelligent units of measure) and clear skies… Drove through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. Clear roads the whole way. Stayed at my brother’s overnight in Wyoming on the way home. Clear roads and great weather all the way back down to Texas, where I got hit with a freezing rain storm. My first night in the GFC was spent in the Dumas, Texas Walmart parking lot… ONE HOUR from home. I still get a good laugh out of that.


Made a little video of my adventure…of course shot on my phone because I can’t afford a GoPro :joy:

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@Dignon Any advice about the border process? I will drive from Victoria for my install in July. I read there is no duty but we have to pay tax? Any tips will be appreciated!

Yeah the border is pretty simple, but expect to be pulled in. What you’ll need from GFC is a CUSMA form. That form indicates that the camper was built completely in the US, which is why there is no duty. There is definitely tax due, so along with the CUSMA declaration be sure you have a printed copy of the receipt. Don’t do what I did which was have that documentation on your phone. Why you may ask? Because then they take your phone and that’s a free for all. Not that I have anything to hide, but handing that over when it’s not necessary is risky.

Now, I may have gotten pulled in for multiple reasons. But I can only assume because I had the camper originally shipped so I had already paid taxes and declared it. Technically the camper has the same unit #. Since my previous life in the music industry, I tend to get pulled in 75 - 85% of the time.

Hope that helps

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Hey how do they know you have a new camper that you have to declare? Honor System? Do they ask did you buy anything? .

Yeah, I mean this all comes down to your personal ethics. They just ask the standard questions “did you buy anything?, etc…”.

So it’s entirely up to you if you want to declare your camper; but legally you’re entitled and I’m sure smuggling (even campers) is a federal offence. This conversation alone would be all the proof they’d need to confirm that it was pre-meditated and would likely not help your case.

So it all depends on which side of johnny law you fall on. I would also not put it past border services to have an image of your vehicle crossing the border on the way down.