Broken rear door latch

Anybody else have this happen? I suspect the extra locking pressure created by the set in the door caused this.


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Hmm… how can I temporarily lock this?

Seems like a warranty thing for sure. I’d ask about the dip in the panel too, mines definitely not that severe and I have a wide f150 tailgate like yours.

The latches on my rear panel have a nut that you can use to adjust the tension of the striker on the catch. Maybe you can loosen up the other side a bit so you don’t find yourself with 2 broken latches?

That’s interesting that your’s doesn’t have the set. Mines a 2018. The set also is bending the riveted L bar that stiffens the door. The ends bow up so that they put pressure on the lock assembly to do its job. I would exert pressure on the corners with my palms so to make it easier for the locks to lock. Maybe the cut of the door should not be a straight line but instead follow the camber of the tailgate. I’m surprised the gasket doesn’t have enough slack to account for this.

I’ll check out the lock tomorrow and see it mine are adjustable.

I had a broken latch as well. Emailed them and they sent me a replacement.

Make sure to let them know your key # so you get a latch that matches.

I also bought a pair of latches on Amazon to keep in the truck in case another one breaks again…

Good idea on buying replacement latches for in field replacement. Presently I’m tying the rear door shut but may shift one of the side door latches to the rear since I don’t use them as often.

Hey bud!

My name is Taylor, I’m the customer support guy here at Go Fast. Shoot an email over to me at and I’ll get that broken latch taken care of for you!

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Hi Taylor,
I sent you an email about 15 min. ago.



Awesome, thanks Roy. I’ll make sure our warranty team gets it out to you ASAP!

Could you post a link to the Amazon latches?

Thank you

Hey guys, looks like the tailgate seal on the F150 was likely too long and was putting stress on the edges of the panel and pulling it outward at the far edges. We use a smaller tailgate seal now than we used to so that should not be an issue for anyone else. When the panel is up you will see a little box but we have not had that much bow in a panel when closed at all. So we are working on a fix for it and should be able to remedy with the new tailgate seal.

If your seal is too long and you have to force the rear panel closed then you risk damaging your camper. If you put anything between the rear panel and the tailgate, like a bike pad that you hang bikes over, you risk damaging the rear panel. Nothing should be in between the panel and the tailgate and your seal should just barely contact the tailgate. If you notice bowing in the rear panel please do not wait to say something until it is bowed this bad, we have no issue sending you a shorter seal!


Ever find the amazon latches?

I think this is the correct latch. Haven’t ordered one yet. GFC has already sent me a replacement.There are some generic brands available too, that look identical so might be good for temporary in field replacement.


That is the southco latch we use, or it is at least visibly 100% identical.

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