Bug Netting Option

When I had my 4Runner, I slept out the back of it and wanted good airflow sometimes. I bought a patio bug net with the magnetic claps going down the middle. I had to alter it a little, but it wasn’t too bad. I came across it today while digging through gear, and thought I’d try it on the GFC. Fits perfect! I just need to buy some more velcro to attach the sides, and trim a little off the bottom.


That is so cool! Do you have a link to the netting you used?

I found I was able to get loop (soft side) of adhesive backed vecro around the entire top and side of the camper and truck bed. I took one of these magnetic door screens and cut it to size to fit height and width. Sewed on trim pieces to make the edges look better.

When I get to camp, first thing I do it put this on … it doesn’t come down until I pack up and leave.

For the bottom, I left mine about 6" long and that extra length allows it to lay out and seal up a bit more than if it was exactly the right length. found that helps keep spiders and crawlers out.