Build 182 SOLD DCSB Tacoma

I am selling my GFC for a short bed Tacoma. Picked it up at the beginning of April. The options were : orange frame, white panels, tent side door, ladder, front and rear window, and sheets. I haven’t had a single problem with it.

Added accessories are : bubble levels, d rings on the frame for storage nets, RGB LED lights in the upper and lower section that are individually controlled, a home made extrusion roof rack, and a maxxfan mini with a wind deflector.

Looking for $7,500 and I can possibly meet for delivery.
Located in Ruidoso NM.

Yikes. Selling already? That didn’t last long.

Yeah, I hate to sell it, but the wife and I are trying to buy a house so just trying to free up some cash.


How was installing that fan?

Super easy install. The only issue was trying to get the shroud on the inside to fit right. It’s ideally made for at least a 1" thick panel and the GFC roof is 1/2" thick.

I can also include the bed build out and the roof rack for additional cost.

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No bites yet, homie?

Not a single one yet.

Bump. Surely somebody wants a camper without the year long wait.

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I would take it in a heartbeat but need a long bed. Let me know if you see someone selling a DCLB on another forum. Good luck with yours.

Thank you. I actually have a buyer lined up for Sunday. They are great campers though, good luck finding one for a long bed.

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