Build #192 V1 For Sale + Dual Battery setup

Moab, UT
I will soon be selling my V1 GFC camper. It was on a 5-foot bed, 2016 Tacoma. I am also selling my Genesis Dual battery setup for a 2016+ Tacoma. I would prefer to sell it all together, but will also break it up if you just want the camper. If you buy it all, I have everything you need to run accessory power to the back of your truck. I have upgraded my truck and camper setup and can no longer use my GFC. I am getting the hinge replacement warranty work done on 9/2 and will sell anytime after that work is done.

V1 GFC build #192

  • Black
  • Side tent door
  • No windows in panels
  • Ladder
  • DIY power and basic lighting in the truck bed and tent
  • Wiring, Fuse box, switches, outlets, lights, etc
  • Homemade plastic faceplate for driver’s side, truck bed, storage box (switches and outlets) I basically turned that box into an electric box.
  • Genesis Dual Battery tray and top (would need nuts to attach the tray to the truck, requires drilling)
  • 2 Odyssey Extreme, group 34 batteries. 2.5 years old and in great shape

I will have the camper on a trailer in Salt Lake City on September 2nd for the warranty work, otherwise it’ll be in Moab.

I will post some pictures when I have a little more time.


Has this been sold? I have a deposit down on a V2 camper but I’m now considering a V1 for a few reasons.