Build #1934 FOR SALE $550 (SOLD)

I Build #1934

Standard size camper spot for sale. No options selected whatsoever, haven’t received anything from GFC yet as far as options go. Only thing I filled out is the initial truck specs email. I am not totally sure if that means you could potentially change it to an XL build but I believe that is a possibility? I don’t know for sure.

The build spot is/was for a 3rd Gen Tacoma - Double Cab Short Bed.

Originally, after my initial deposit this winter (January '21) I was told it was a July build. As we are creeping up on July I inquired about the timeline. In my most recent communication with GFC support, I was told the build was now a “late summer” build but was provided with no specifics beyond that, besides that the build process is 6-8 weeks. Frustratingly vague but it sounds like the build is still on track for at least this year, but who knows at this point.

I am unfortunately looking to sell my spot in line due to some recent financial hardship. Please email me at for further communication if interested!

Be well!


Just shot you an email!