Build 2255 for Sale. 8 weeks out. Invoice not paid

I’m asking for $1,000 for this build spot. Not looking to make money. This is what I paid for a July spot a few months ago.

Here is the email I received from GFC today:
Hey Sam
I wanted to check in with you about your GFC order. We are ready to build your camper! Right now, you’re looking at a completion date in ~8 weeks. Once you pay your invoice, you’ll receive a link to schedule your installation date or coordinate delivery.

In order to start building your custom camper and have it completed on time, we need you to pay that invoice as soon as possible. If you haven’t seen the invoice, be sure to check your spam folder or search with “GFC”. If you still can’t find it, let me know and I can send you a new one.

Thanks for getting on Team Go Fast, we can’t wait to get you your camper and get you out on the road.

What size camper? I have a ford f250 -2021 6"8 bed .

My reservation is for XL full-sized trucks. This will work for your truck.

Great so what’s the next step?
When is your build date?