Build # 2318 For Sale

GFC Fam!

Build #2318 (Standard) is up for grabs and set forearly November or even sooner. Dates might change for earlier since GFC got more machines to build even more rapidly.

I am only looking to get my deposit back. Nothing more and pass on the good karma so you can have the opportunity.

If you’re interested on taking over this built spot.
Please feel free to DM
or text/call me at 424-253-513ZERO.


Hello! I am interested in the spot. Have you chosen options? And are you just looking for the deposit back?

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Good Morning @mcmurphy86,

I haven’t chose options yet. Sorry for not being detailed :sweat_smile:. It’s a standard order. I talked to Rachel and she said everything is ready, all we we would need is new owners contact info.

And yes, I only want my deposit back. Nothing more, just want to pay it forward!

This is still available. Feel free to message me!

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