Build 42 - Short bed, windows, sheets etc. For Sale. $6k

One of the first campers, so original tent material and thicker mattress.

Both side panel hinges have been replaced now.

Will come with a spare tailgate hinge.

Front and rear windows. Rear window tinted by me.

D-rings in the blank threaded hole spots.

Fitted bed sheets.

OG pair of awning brackets.

You can look up my post history and see that I’ve had hinge failure and now replaced them. Issue got me thinking. Wife and I bought our first home and we’ve been talking about a larger camper or trailer since we now have the space.


So, any interest in this thing? Or do people only want the latest and greatest? Located in SoCal, South Orange County.

In the market for a camper,

Still available?

Sorry, sold last weekend