Build #991 SOLD

strong textI’m selling my V1 GFC with many modifications included. I just picked up in March 2021 and love the thing but have the desire to go a different direction with the build and need something a little more versatile.

NO WAIT! All items posted have huge wait times, skip the line and get a full set up! Price is firm and reasonably priced im already taking a little loss here.


Upgrades include:
Embassy hinges (came with build)
Black tent fabric
Grey frame
Black panels
Tent side doors
Front and rear windows
GFC wind skid
3X GFC beef bars
GFC Solar tray
Renogy 100W solar panel wired in
Carpet lined doors
Josh Edgar locks
Josh Edgar mag spots
Josh Edgar step
Hardkore dual color dimming lights (tent)
Rigid rock lights for bed light
VRNCLR roof bag
VRNCLR bedding catch

Will include red arch system +$2.5k

Will include goosegear drawers +$3.5k
Includes bed stiffeners

I will help new buyer install.

Edit: confirmed with goosegear the drawers will fit a 3rd Gen.

If this was for a 6’ bed 3rd gen I would jump on this so fast! Great build-out and a steal with all the extras. Someone buy this!

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I don’t think 3rd Gen matters but the 6’ bed def does

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Good luck with sale (I also have long bed). Care to share what you’ve got planned for your rig after the GFC?

Just got my quote for a MITS alloy canopy and flat bed!
For what I do I need a truck bed for hauling so the ability to take the canopy off to a full flat bed is very appealing to me.


I wish i knew if this would fit a Colorado short bed reasonably well.

They can probably accommodate your truck

Edit: my bad you are talking about my GFC I don’t think so

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Alright that is dope. Would love an Aussie style Ute like you posted but with the gfc tent on top

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Where are you located?

I am in Dallas Texas

there is the 50ten its pricey


Why did you have to show me this. Lol now I’m dreaming of selling my house and buying this thing lol
Gofast is awesome but lets be honest a Ute of this style is was dreams are my of.


I fit a 3rd gen short bed Tacoma to a 2019 colorado zr2. You need different mounting hardware, but the overhang clears the cab and fits perfectly on the bedsides

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