Build Platform setup and drawers before installing GFC?

Bored as hell with lockdowns across Utah.

My camper is still 8-12 weeks out. I am thinking of using my down time to build out my platform and drawers for bed. Hopefully when I’m done and can go outside, then I can get camper installed.

Any reason I should just wait for camper to avoid issues?

Its far easier to build one without a topper or camper on the truck. I did it with my topper installed (high top ARE) and it’s a hassle to get in and out making cuts and measurements.

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If the platform you are going to build will sit below the gfc mounting brackets, then now should be a great time to build that out. If you plan to have anything on the sides that sits taller, then you may want to wait on that so you don’t have to re-build if there is interference with the gfc brackets.

I built my platform months before I took delivery of my gfc, but I did wait to mount my fridge slide to avoid any possible clearance issues once the fridge was in there.

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Thanks for the feedback. Do you know how far the GFC sits below the bedrails? I looked in some photos and it doesn’t appear to be much.

On my 3rd gen tacoma, the mounting brackets extend below the bed rail tracks by about 3/4". The mounting brackets do have some vertical adjust built into them and I think mine are using the lowest or 2nd lowest slot. So if your bedside caps are thinner, then the brackets may sit a little further below the bed rails, or if your bedside caps are thicker, then the brackets may not extend as much below the bed rails.

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