Build - Ready for Production but keeps dropping down the list in Pre Production

I have my order in and paid for, it is in the Pre Production Queue with a status of Ready for production. In the last couple of week it has dropped a number of spots on the list. With my install date of Feb 11, should I be concerned that is has dropped to 120 in queue?

It is always concerning to see your spot drop on the list. I suggest giving GFC a call and get the 411 on what is going on?
Everything else would be pure speculation. Which is something you don’t need.

Hey @dakine, that is just our view shuffling around as more people get added into the “ready for production” status. Rest assured your build date and time are solid and it will be all good to go for when you arrive on your install date!


Thanks for the info, very helpful as I need to get the necessary time scheduled off of work to make the trip up for install.

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Thomas, I’m thinking of purchasing a V2 tent. What is the current production time and also could you send me the external measurements please? Thank you.

Hey @mustangary! Our current lead times are around 10 weeks as our earliest install date is March 26th.

Exterior dimensions are going to be different for every model as they are custom built to fit each model truck we support