Build Spot #1295 For Sale

Build start scheduled for March 2021.
Standard size camper.
Just received the email to confirm my address for color sample shipping.
This can be updated to the new build spot owners info.

*I am in Canada so selling within Canada would be preferable for ease of money transfer.

$500 USD or $680 CDN

Hi I would be interested in this. I live in Ohio but also we could use paypal, Venmo, Cash app etc.

Okay. If you’d like to send me your email I can forward the info from GFC on how to proceed with a build spot transfer.


If the other guy didn’t take it I’ll take it rn. Could you possibly confirm with gfc if they could change it to an XL build?

Ok great, can you give me a call at 330.502.2885 please.

Build spot 1295 is sold