Build Spot 1837 $400

Can’t make the drive out west. My spot is ready to set options and start the build.

Hi is this still available? When is the build for?

If you pay for my spot you can contact them the same day set options and have your brand new GFC in 12 weeks I believe. You should contact GFC to confirm but last I was told it was 12 weeks.

Camper spot is still available!!

I’ll pick up the build spot! Four.1.five-seven.1.5-7.eight.nine.1. thanks

Would it be possible to connect today? I’ll be busy the next few hours but can text and also talk on the phone in 3 hr or so.

If this is still available please email me
jensenhke@gmail dot com

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Just a follow up, talked with gfc and it’s the same lead time either way so went ahead and just booked a new build spot with them

Bump. If someone wants my spot let me know.

Kendrac I’m confused are you offering your build spot on my for sale post? Lol

My apologies, I’m new at posting on forums. I’ll remove it.

It’s cool. We’re in the same boat here : )

If you haven’t yet start your own for sale post it will make it easier for you

@animportant - If still available, please DM me. Very intersted! Thank you!

Camper spot is sold, thanks!