Build Spot - #1976

$500 - Not locked. I accept Venmo.

Call or text me. Thanks


Build spot 1976 shows on the leaderboard as “Shipped” installed/delivered to customer.

Screenshot from 2021-10-13 12-27-34

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Order #9030 purchased back in Jan 2021. Never selected options. I reached out to support and will share ETA when I know.

Correction: My Unit Number is #1976. Not sure what the build date would be yet but will find out.

Also: Email me at if you want to take my spot in line.


Here is from Kelly at GFC:

“Thank you for reaching out. Your build number is [#1977] We had a slight glitch in the system back in the day and it resulted in some of the build numbers being off by 1. If the buyer was to lock in their options and pay their invoice now, they would likely be scheduled for install in December. Please let us know if you have any other questions.”

I had a build spot off one number also and was able to transfer the spot no problem. Just FYI for anyone looking at this…pretty sweet score to get a build spot before the 2000s

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Emailed you man. Very interested please lmk 9fournine 5six1 8seven2zero

Hey, not sure if I saw your email so I just txt you. The spot is still available. Thanks!