Build spot #2166 for sale

I paid a premium for an earlier build and am now selling my original spot.

$800 obo. Comment or shoot me a msg with your offer and if all is good I will email GFC to get the transfer process started.

I’m interested. Is the $800 inclusive of some deposit expense?

Correct, $500 will go towards the deposit. I paid $1000 for a way earlier build so just trying to recoup some of that. You would owe GFC a remainder of $6,450 (not including extras like tent doors etc)…

Let me know if you are still interested and I let you know next steps.

Interested if still available.

Please let me know if the build date is still available.

hi there. is this spot still available?

Ready to send funds if still available.

Hey if this is still available I’d love to make a deal. Let me know, thanks!

I just received confirmation of ownership from GFC, sale of camper is pending to the first interested party in this thread. If he bails I will continue down the line! Thanks for waiting!

I’ve sent you three e-mails that have not gone through. Please text me at three 1 zero 6 two 5 2 three seven 5. Thanks, Don M

Please respond to the same email I cc’d you on with GFC. I also texted you.