Build Spot 2196 (Standard Camper) For Sale $500

Build spot 2196 is for sale. The deposit was paid but no options selected so it’s ready for you to pick your options, pay the invoice, and get it built. My financial situation changed and I’m simply trying to recoup my deposit.

I’m interested in your spot. Any idea when they final invoice would be due?

Venmo, PayPal, etc?



Hi Dan,

The invoice would be due whenever you arrange with GFC based on choosing options. I’ve been holding onto this spot for a while so there isn’t a specific date by which it must be paid.

Venmo or PayPal are both fine with me, whichever you’d prefer. Please let me know if there are any other questions I can answer and thanks for the interest.


Price Drop - selling a build spot for $400 (originally paid $500). Save yourself $100 for the same wait time as everyone else.

Bump. Still have this build spot available, ready to set options, pay invoice, and lock in build date.

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Hey AZPharmD, I’m interested in this build slot. Can I touch base via email or something?


Absolutely, happy to chat.


Build spot still available. Save yourself $100 for the same lead time as everyone else.