Build Spot 2218 For Sale

I purchased Build Spot 2218 on March 16th of 2021. It has an estimated November start date, although, it looks like things may be moving quicker. I purchased an earlier build spot and would like to sell my deposit which will go toward your build. My build is for a Tacoma short bed, but GFC has let me know specs can be changed. Selling for original price of $500.

Hi Becca,

I would def be interested in picking up this spot. I have a tacoma short bed so this would work out perfectly. I understand the $500 transfer deposit, but do you know when payments or full payment is due for this build?

Payment is due when build begins which would be around November maybe a little earlier. I am not sure whether GFC does payments or just wants payment in full.

Interested in your spot. DM me please.

You can Venmo me and then I will let GFC know that you have purchased my spot. Then they will send you the welcome later.

Need escrow or something don’t we? Seems a bit sketchy without. No offense.

Not sure what you mean by escrow? I purchased my spot from someone else as well, to get an earlier spot and it worked out fine wit hGFC. If you feel more comfortable, you can contact GFC and verify my build spot number, that is what I did. Then you can Venmo and I send all of your info to GFC.

Hey is this still available? Very interested let me know

I’d also be interested in the spot please dm me

I decided to give a guy in Canada a little time to work out his details wit hborder opening and install times. I will repost if he falls thru.