Build Spot #2240 for sale

2240 for sale. Will accept Venmo. Expected November build date. $500 - not looking to profit off anyone.


I’m very interested as long as I can get it in the xl for a ram 6.4 bed, please contact me

Hi Cody
I’m happy to Venmo you ASAP! As long as it can be an XL? Cheers
Text me!!!

Hey I’m looking for a standard and can send money right now. Shoot me a text 503-820-9385 Brian

Let me know if this spot is still available

This spot is still available.

Is this spot for a standard or XL? does it matter?

Interested if it’s still available. 3rd gen Tacoma with a 6’ bed if that matters.

The initial options were set for a DCSB Tacoma, but final options email has not been sent yet.

If final invoice has not been paid the intended vehicle is not yet locked in.

Once the invoice is paid, the camper cannot be changed to a different model or have different options.

So this one should be clear to become whatever :metal:

Great! Thanks for the help @GFC!. The final invoice has not been paid.

@BigToad @shlski @Dickdabbs @fariswheel01 Let me know if anyone is still interested.

Send me info

Still interested. or (307) 413-8224