Build Spot #2248 for sale

Deposit paid ($500), no options selected on a camper.

Backing out because GFC isn’t supporting the 2022 Tacoma yet. Ended up buying a Leer topper instead.

PayPal or Venmo preferred, just looking for deposit back.

Do you have a projected build date?

Since no options have been selected, I believe it jumps into the normal production schedule which is showing 2/3/2022 on the website. Not totally sure if having a lower number will jump you in line anymore than that.

When we found out they weren’t building 2022 compatible campers yet everything got put on hold for us.

Hope that helps some.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Bummer on all sides! Good luck with the solution, there are many out there, but none as cool / light as these…as you know, I’m sure!


To be clear, we are very much supporting 2022s. We’re not scheduling install dates until we verify fit on one physically, to make sure that no one schedules a trip up here only to find out the camper doesn’t fit. But we should have fit verified on 2022 Tacomas this month.

Wiley, I really wish that would have been communicated better. We were told “not supported at this time” and that the build would be on hold until engineering could verify fit on a 2022. I even offered to drive to Bozeman to use our 2022 Tacoma as a test fit. We hoped to have our camper for the ski season and when that seemed less likely to happen, we pursued other options.

I didn’t mean to misrepresent GFC or their support of new truck models but I was simply relaying the information I was given.

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