Build spot 2298 for sale - SOLD

Build spot 2298 (Was told to expect mid November completion) for sale. Standard camper with no options selected yet. $800 OBO
DM me if interested! Thanks!

Coincidentally GFC just emailed me asking for options to be selected and invoiced to be paid. They said camper will be completed in mid November if the invoice is paid and options are selected soon. Willing to negotiate on the price so I can get rid of this spot and you can get your camper sooner!

Hi, interested if this can be for an XL Camper and I can add options?

No options are selected yet so you can definitely do that. You’d need to contact GFC to confirm that you can change it to an XL but I’m pretty sure you can.

Since you are communicating with them already, can you see if changing this to an XL is possible? If so, I’m good moving forward and we can talk $.

No problem, I’ll shoot them an email. Likely won’t hear back til Monday or Tuesday. I’ll let you know what they say. Cheers!

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This spot is still for sale and is ready for options to be selected and invoice to be paid. GFC says it should be completed by mid November. Can be changed to an XL build if you want. Cheers!

Hi I’m interested. Is there an official way that the transfer would work? Does GFC facilitate that or is that all on our end?

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It’s mostly done on our end and is very simple, but does require a small leap of faith on the buyers part. Buyer sends money to the seller. Once received the seller cc’s the buyer on an email to GFC saying they are transferring the spot to the buyer. GFC just needs the buyers name, address, email, and phone number.

I have a built spot #2254, do you still want one?

I have a built spot #2254, do you still want one for same price?