Build spot #2383 for sale

Selling my build spot for #2383. Can confirm expected build month with GFC (2021 end of year)

Selling for $500 USD, will contact GFC and have the information changed upon payment with proof of emails ETC.

Not looking to profit here, simply will not be able to go forward with the purchase of the camper.

located in Canada, will accept e-transfer or PayPal.

Hi I might be interested - let me know if you confirm the build month!

Is this still available? if so please let me know!


Yes the spot is still available, I sent you an email as well!

Just spoke to GFC this morning, build date is approximately 16 weeks from today.

Interested in it.

Still available? Send me an email

Yes, still available!

Is this for normal or XL?

2383 is a normal sized V2

can this be changed to an XL?


Sorry I actually just sold the spot a day or so ago and the transfer has already been complete. Haven’t had a chance to mark this as sold yet!

Spot for GFC #2383 HAS BEEN SOLD!