Build Spot 2390 for sale

Selling my spot 2390 for 500.00 Venmo works.
I can arrange the transfer with GFC.

I’m interested. Any idea on the build time? Send me an email

I’m interested in buying your spot, please email or text me (lars). (760) 917-3697.

Any idea where you are in the queue/when the build will start? I might be interested depending on how soon it’s up.

Interested! Would love to know more.

March / April 2022- I am asking 500.00 what I paid. I have not made any choices yet. You just get ahead of anyone buying now.

2390 is my spot which I purchased back in April- I purchased an eariler spot so I am selling my for what I paid. $500.00. GFC told me my spot will be ready around March / April of 2022. Let me know if you want the spot, I can arrange the transfer and you can venmo me the $$$

Just found out today that Jan 2022 is when 2390 will be installed.

Just found out today that my Build Spot 2390 will happen January 2022

I was informed today that my spot 2390 will happen January 2022

Hey Don, I’d be interested in your spot if it’s still available. I’m new here, so if you just want to text me that may be easier- thanks!
Jason 913.530.5622

Hit me up I’m interested

Interested as well - if still available please let me know. Cheers