Build spot 956 $500 sold

The estimated starting build date for the camper is 10/21/2020.

Are you still selling this spot?

Yeah it’s still up for grabs.

I’m interested in your spot. I’m new here and not sure how best to discuss this with you. Please let me know how best we should proceed.

Shoot me your email and I’ll send the guys at GFC an email.
Once they Get back to us you will Venmo me $500, and I’ll confirm the money transfer with GFC. Then they will officially transfer the spot to all your info.
They are really good about getting back to us. I was in a rush to get an early spot so I actually bought 2 spots this way.

If you want the spot it’s yours, but I just got another message so let me know.

Yes, I’ll take it. Can you call me though to work out these details? 423-280-8599

Hello - great. Please email me at

Hey! Email or text 5714202713 if still interested in selling!

Hey guys sorry for the confusion, sold the spot to the first guy that direct messaged me.

Thanks anyway. Have a great day.