Build Spot for Sale #1612

unfortunately after waiting since November last year- I will not be taking delivery so my spot 1612 is available for $575 deposit for an XL I just spec’d it last week but it can be changed. This is how it is currently spec’d

• Unit #: 1612
• Truck Model: 2021, Dodge/Ram, Ram, 6’4
• Panel Color: Black
• Window Options: Both
• Tent Fabric Color: Stone Grey
• Added Tent Doors: Yes


Michael, I’m interested in this. Can any of the specs be changed? When is the build finish time?

I believe the options can be changed and Im a little fuzzy on the timing as they said it was about 8 weeks out from the final payment being made but things were moving a little faster now. You can call me to discuss if you’d like.

Oh man! I would be all over this spot as I have a 2014 Ram 6’4" but I have two spots already, and can’t justify trying to flog two of them off and being three deposits in! Exercise restraint…

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Do ittt I was in the same boat. I am just playing the long game and selling the others closer to their build date. I am picking mine up in less than a month!


Sent you a DM… I am in the same boat and wanting sooner than later. The spec you called out is what I was going to pick for the build.

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This has been sold… thanks guys

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