Build Spot For Sale

Hello all! I have a build spot available for $475 if anyone is interested. I had a change of plans with my vehicle so cannot complete it at this time unfortunately.

Can you tell me more about your spot, where in queue is it and at what stage in the process?

Super interested.
Has the truck type or any options been set?
When is it for?
Have cash

Hi Wade,
Sorry for the delay as I tried emailing you but it came back as undeliverable. I do still have this available and I’m out of the que now since I was just at beginning stages of build and hadn’t paid the invoice. So, you can build whatever you’d like and the only real benefit to buying my spot is saving a few dollars (and helping me out!). If you would like to buy it for $450 I can transfer the spot over to you very easily. Let me know and we can work out details. Feel free to email me at Thank you, Kendra.

Hi Keith,
I was just in the beginning stages so it sounds like I am out of the que but if you are interested in saving a few dollars, I can make the transaction easy for you. I would sell it for $450 to save you a few buck and try and get the majority of my deposit back. Feel free to email me at Thank you, Kendra.

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I just paid for my camper today with a late June pickup date. I am good now. Best of luck to you and your sale!