Build Unit #898

Hey everyone. I am looking to unload my spot (#898) in line for my build. Back in October of 2019 I put down a deposit for the “GFC Platform Reservation - Standard x 1” and after a lot of deliberation have decided to go in another direction for my 2nd Gen Tacoma Access Cab Long Bed.

For the better part of a year now I have been receiving emails from Taylor Wallace saying that my build is ready to go as soon as I pick the options, so unless I am misunderstanding the manufacturing process I believe my spot in line would be for an immediate build.

I only discovered this forum after speaking with GFC, so I am not really well-versed in how we go about transferring build reservations. It seems like you guys either pay with VenMo or PayPal? I’m pretty active on some vinyl (records) buy-sell communities where PayPal G&S is the standard, but more than anything I just want to make sure both parties end up satisfied with the transaction. Thanks.


I don’t know if it changes anything or they can change it but I have a Tacoma Double cab shortbed and if they can do a short bed I’m totally down. Please shoot me a message or text me at 424-253-5130

Hey there,

I have a Tacoma 1st Gen Longbed, a very close match! Please call or text me at (404) 374-1247 and I can send via Venmo pronto. ◡̈

I’m in for buying this. I’m at 415-505-580-eight. Thanks!

@blancataco here you go

Hey, everyone. I just wanted to follow up and give you guys a quick update. After my initial post a member here reached out to get some clarity about my spot. I feel like a dummy for not including some relevant fine print. What I’m hoping to get is reimbursed for my original deposit, which was $500. PayPal G&S charges the seller a 3% fee off the top of every transaction, so to recover 100% of my initial deposit I’m hoping to get $515 via PayPal G&S. Not looking to make a profit, just want both parties to be protected.

The member who reached out to me also wanted to confirm my place in line and to make sure that it would be possible to potentially switch to a different generation/truck configuration. It is my belief that my spot is for an immediate build, as GFC has been on me for a year to pick my options. But I went ahead and called GFC and left them a message to confirm:

  1. My place in line.

  2. Could whoever purchases my spot be able to switch to a different generation of Tacoma/truck configuration.

I fully expect tot hear back from GFC tomorrow. Once I do I will reach out to the first member who contacted me and see if they still want to go through with the transaction. If they pass, I plan on going down the list in order until I find someone who wants to pay me for my deposit and take my spot. My apologies for not having the answers to these questions beforehand.

I just purchased a spot from a gentleman in your same situation - build was even earlier than yours. We were able to update it to the V2 camper and it was a clean slate for me to provide truck specs and select options. Welcome kit came within a few days and invoice followed a few days later. Seller and buyer here will be fine.

Whoever gets a hold of this spot will be one happy GFC owner - in the very near future.

Hi @GoFrogs,

I’m still down to take over and do the PayPal g&s to cover your deposit. I hope I’m able to do the standard size and v2 for my double cab-shortbed for Tacoma.

My number is the first post after your initial if you want to text or call. Or you can message me directly here. Whatever’s easiest and smoothest for you.

@Trd.banhbao I sent a message almost immediately after his post. But the good news is I will be selling my July build. I’ll send you a message after the transfer is complete if you’re interested.

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@GFCnortheast, I’ll take over your July build if your deal to get #898 goes through. I can paypal the deposit immediately.

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@GFCnortheast Okay sounds good. I am interested. I sent you a direct message. I am PayPal ready as well and ready for a straightforward smooth transfer


I am can take that too. I have a 2nd Gen Tacoma so it would work. I can transfer deposit too 7865541775.