Buildout thoughts?

Im going a little crazy trying to figure out how I want to build out my bed with my new camper. Did some modeling… figured I would post it here to see if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions. Everything is modeled exactly to the 2nd gen tacoma 6ft bed dimensions

Red - gear tunnel for long stuff (surfboard no fins, snowboard, fishin rod, etc.)
Purple - storage, with dividers and pop out lids (clothes, kitchen, etc)
Blue - domestic 35L fridge
Green - seating? plus more storage

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Mind sharing the base platform and whats the bed length?

Top right is damn good! I’d go with that setup; unless the cooler is going to be an ‘after’ addition. Then I’d go with top Left, allowing you to quickly modify if required to the next option.


I always like to try to position my cooler against one of the walls so I can reach it without climbing into the bed while I am hanging out at camp. Bottom left and bottom center would both give you that. The bottom center is almost exactly how I have mine. It alows for a huge highly functional storage space under the platform.

I don’t have a picture of the final result but here it is half way through construction. Both half’s are on hinges so it’s easy to get to everything.


Yeah I’d be happy to share the file! Will send once I get home.

I think the cooler will be right away! Gonna try and hop on those Black Friday deals. I like the too right as well, I think it’ll be really functional.

My plan is to spend a good month or two living out of it over the winter hopping around ski resorts. So I want everything to be contained on the inside, so no slide outs or stuff

You haven’t found it to be too high sitting right in line with the bed rail? My designs are about the same… but it was a thought I had

It depends on how you want to use it. I am kinda small (150 ish) and crawling in there with the top down is a bit annoying, but I can access everything from outside the truck so I pretty much never do that. It’s not an army crawl or anything but I can’t sit up. I run my tent with the floor panels out most of the time so it’s really not an issue while I am at camp.

As a side benefit, it means that the bed is now at a pretty good table hight so I can put a stool on the platform and dine or compute things.

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Yeah, i have a hybrid. The one ‘slide out’ or tote comes out but is accessible from the inside. Not having to go out and get stuff is key. In the winter I just use a Yeti style cooler and it often doubles as a step.

Having the full bed height standing space is KEY in my opinion.

This is my crude TinkerCAD layout if I ever get the funds for 8020 and panels. The plywood platform is on it’s 3rd ski season. I have a lot more room though in a Ram 1500.


Right on. I figured building that portion big enough to sleep on is a good idea too in case you need to sleep with the tent closed.

8020 is the dream. For a full build I think it’d be close to a grand though. I’ll prob start with sanded ply and then maybe 8020 for v2 someday.

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That’s what I’m still rocking, like I said it’s been holding up for years. Almost to the point where it’s time to ‘upgrade’. Maybe next summer.

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My layout is similar to this one.
Having used it for the past year, I can still say it works well. A few reasons we went with this layout.

  • Cooler can be accessed without getting in the truck. Always nice to grab a beer without climbing up in the box. It can also be converted to a slide or tilt slide later on. (In progress)
  • A full-height standing section is a must for getting dressed or standing. We arrange our bed, so the two square sections are above that. This way, we can remove both while the long rectangle remains in place for one person to keep sleeping. The square bed sections become seat cushions below when not used.
  • We toss our packs, jackets and spare clothes against the passenger side storage. We like to also have the ladder on the passenger side. Since that panel stays closed when set up, we use that side for all the storage and use the driver side for chilling. It seems you can add as many drawers and cubbies but just having a space you can easily toss stuff out of the way works best. We jam stuff between the passenger side door and cooler, as well as in the front corner under the electrical panel.
  • We opted to go full height for the driver-side wheel well storage vs. having a seat (We have both seats against the end). This has worked great for jamming all the bulky stuff in when moving, and it becomes a sort of bar top when parked. We store our ladder, chairs, and step stool there when driving. The lid opens inward so you can load it from the outside. We generally keep the lid open when driving and use it as barrier and just pile stuff into the box (axe, wood, poles, etc.)
  • We have a seat over the back of our long sliding drawer. This can tilt up to access the drawer from the inside. We keep our coffee and snack stuff there for anytime quick access without having to open up and drop the tailgate.

Here are a few pics

Finished! (Before diesel heater)

In progress / layout


Wow! Thanks so much for the info! Your buildout looks really nice. I like the idea of the driver side “bar” height cabinet. Maybe I’ll integrate that into myself up. Could you touch on how your electrical panel is set up? I was going to have mine on the driver side near the stock 110 outlet.

Bottom middle is close to what I have. I second a few things people here have already said:

  1. Having your fridge/cooler accessible from a side or the tailgate is a must
  2. Having an ‘open’ area where you can stand up and move around with the bed disassembled is really convenient. Moving from top to bottom without much effort is more valuable than you might think.
  3. Think about how much seating you really need. I tend to sit in one spot and rarely have guests come hang out in my truck. I’ve got a spot for myself and my dog and then lawn chairs and an awning.
  4. Also small detail, unless you’ve got a sub 6’0" surfboard with almost no rocker you’re not gonna fit it in a drawer. I’ve tried for years, that’s what roof racks are for lol

Here is a pic of that side cabinet loaded with all our outside stuff we usually take. As you can see it helps keep the back clean and organized. It also keeps all the sand and dirt from the ladder, chairs and stuff contained. Every so often I just vacuum it all out. Also we have the full bedrug with the tailgate. Highly recommended! I put it in before the cabinets, it’s nice and soft on the feet and knees, warm and really helps with rattles and dust.

As far as the electrical, the house battery and chargers are mounted up front in the pic. From there I just ran a single 2ga circuit to the remote panel at the back corner. Just like the cooler, it is nice to be able to switch everything from outside the truck. That has all my interior and exterior lights, air compressor, roof fan, fridge and 12v outlets and usb charger. I have one high amp circuit left for an inverter but I have been trying to run only DC on this build. If we decide later on I can add the inverter. It also has the 2-way master disconnect, can shut everything off or everything but the fridge and fan.

Also, buy some of these cheap cup holders from Amazon and just keep them loose Then decide where you want to add them once you’re using your rig first beer in hand. :smiley:


You just described the majority of my quiver :smile: ) I had a similar tunnel in a previous shell set up of mine and it worked great to throw one board in for a quick trip.
Good point about the seating. It’ll be myself and dog in there 90% of the time. The side shelf sounds more and more better

Love it! Really want to go a route very similar to yours. Will be building this out in January so I’ll keep this thread posted. Do you have a build thread going??

One thing to think about is the weight distribution. The fuel tanks on my 19’ Tundra are on the drivers side. That’s 38 gallons when full (not for long at 12mpg). My crude slide out box is on the passenger side to offset the weight of the fuel.