Built spot 2157 for sale - August build date, no options, Tacoma long bed

Looking to sell build spot 2157. Asking $1000 ($500 premium on the deposit to recover a premium I paid for an earlier spot).

Please reply here. If there’s enough interest by next week then I’ll choose either with a lottery or based on need (trying to avoid fastest-clicker-in-the-west syndrome).

The person I bought my spot from was an A+ stand-up guy, so trying to pass along good vibes.

Interested in your spot if still available

I this still available? Are they able to adjust it to a Short bed tacoma 2nd gen? lars@craftcoast.co please send me an email if possible, thank you.

Yep, still available. Just got the notification today to set options & pay invoice. I sent note to Mwbozeman. If they don’t get back to me in the next day, Lars, we can work together.

I would love to buy your spot if i can for a gladiator build
let me know thanks call me at 317-318-4469