Buying someone’s 2020 xl spot

If you have an XL spot that you no longer want id love to buy it. Please contact me at

I will be selling spot #904 set to start production in September and to be completed by December.

I have the money to send you now please contact me at

Oh, I also send you a direct message with my email and phone #. Haven’t sent one before but I hope it went through.

Hit me up! I can have cash to you immediately for the spot. I’ve been looking for months. Help me out! 4065799370

Been waiting for his reply myself :sweat_smile:

Hey @pilitojrs, it looked like you got that one that came up a couple of days ago. Did someone else get to it first?

Hey @markeekhoff, I haven’t had any luck recently. I asked for one last week but the guy said he sold it to you already. It was @iannfld who sold it to you. Lucky man!

That definitely didnt happen. The one I was hoping I’d get from Ian went to another guy.

Oh I see. Probably a misunderstanding. My bad. Hope you get the next one man. I’ll be refraining from getting the $1000 spot. I’ll continue to wait. Hope you get it!

is your spot still for sale?

What truck are you trying to fit Mike? There may be someone willing to sell one already made that would fit yours as well.

Hi - Is this spot still available? Thanks, Greg

Sorry, no, I sold my spot.

Hi - A 2013 Ford Raptor with 5.'5" bed
thanks for the help!

Ford Raptor 4 door with the 5.5 foot bed.

yes that is it, thanks for the help