Cab facing sliding window

Hello everyone. I am number 2674 with an install date of Dec 30, 2021…can’t wait!! Red V2 on a Red Gladiator in Red Lodge (can’t make it up).

I’m interested in cutting the cab facing panel to install a slider window to have access to the cab from the camper. Does anyone have experience or products that have worked for this idea?

You can find windows online - I was looking for side windows at one point but now that I have so mucch water coming in what they provided - I don’t want to introduce anymore items that may ingress water or void warranty as I suspect I will be a warranty.

Anyways - the material on the side panels is .008" aluminum (got this directly from the GFC team). If you have a template and mask the panel (off the truck I think is a mandatory thing tho unfortunately), you could easily get through it with a nibbler. This milwaukee is corded and will nibble 10g which is almost twice the thickness of .08" - but do your own research on that.

If you buy a window, note that it will likely go past the two angled camper supports so you will see those through the glass and they might be slightly in the way of fully operating the window - but anything like a normal canopy front slider it barely opens anyways so shouldn’t be much an issue.

Only advice i would give is that you get really comfortable with whichever tool you use to cut because you only get one shot at it. The window will likely have a seal on it that sits over the sheetmetal on both sides - to install, run a string inside the gasket, cover it all in windex, push it up to the position and have someone slowly pull the string through the inside of the camper. This will “unfold” the seal over the metal leaving the window in place when done.

Most of these windows have a top and bottom as well - make sure that is right or water doesn’t drain. This is the main reason I abandoned the idea on the side panels as they would be upside down when open.

If you do it - pictures and write up please!


Thanks for the informative reply. I don’t have a nibbler but am always looking for an excuse to get a new tool! The vision in my head wasn’t taking into account the angled supports which will probably be the main challenge. Picts will be on the way.

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Im also interested in this. I bet eventually GFC will release an opening version of the window. It would be small but at least functional

I don’t think you will be able to fit the window behind the cross bars. there is maybe ~1/4" of space. I won’t keep you from trying so please be the guinea pig and share pictures and process. I would be interested in a slider as well

After my prior post I went out and looked and agree - the outer metal is pretty much flush with the frame. It would be difficult to fit a rubber window seal gasket in there if not in the same shape as the original window. I still bet it’s possible but might flex the panel out a bit or prevent a really good seat on the gasket.

You could maybe glue a surface mount with some fasteners on the outside and avoid the bars. Not sure how creative you would need to be or if it’s available.

You could also maybe mount the window on something slightly larger and surface mount it to the front of the panel to offset it away from the bars.

Any traction on adding widows? Would love a slider option of some sort for the dog…

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