Cabin Fever Blues

Is anyone ready for spring? Ugh! I am sooooo excited for my GFC!! June can’t come to sooon !! Snow again today! I live in Northern NY near the Canadien Border and Vermont! It has been a long winter-as with many i am sure!!! What is everyone doing to beat the blues?? Mud is just around the corner ugh…… I have enjoyed snowshoeing and hiking this winter in the Adirondacks, but am feeling caged……

The hibernation is almost over. June will be here before you know it. The wait is hard. Maximize your trip for installation. Have fun.


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Hello Rain,
I am so ready for Spring and beyond! Picking up your GFC in June is a great time (actually any time in the summer is fantastic) to travel Belgrade, MT. My pickup date was also in June and I traveled points south for 3 weeks after pickup and had a blast. Because you have several months before your departure to Montana. Now is the time to build your rig for exploration after the GFC is installed. It is also the perfect time to plan your trip and determine where you will camp along the way.
In this forum there is a section where some members are represented by “Regional Chapters”. I highly suggest reaching out to some of them for ideas and suggestions on where to stay along the way towards Montana. Have a great time!

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I agree with @Airranger84. June is one of the perfect months to pick up your GFC. Road travel is easier than it is now. And, Yellowstone NP is open!!! And, lots of cool places to camp along the journey to and from Belgrade.
The wait is hard, for sure! But well worth it!

Happy trails…