Cabinet and Mattress testing

A quick little video from one of the cabinet and mattress testing overnights a while back (both of which were early prototypes and not 100% indicative of the production versions fyi).

We designed the cabinet to allow for a large amount of camping and truck gear to be stored so that you can keep your truck ready to go at all times for weekend length trips while still keeping the bed completely open. This not only allows the truck bed to be used for non camp duties, but also makes the interior camper space easier to actually use. Also frees up space for trips involving more gear in the bed (surf, Moto, etc.)

Obviously I’m way overpacked here for one night out. On smaller trucks there’s less cabinet space but most folks aren’t running a regular cab either. About the only thing I can fit behind the seat are the maxtrax and some tie down straps.


We need more of the Wiley presence on the forums. Good video sir!


New latches/locks on that camper?? :eyes:

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They are just 3D printed covers unless he truly is testing C5 locks. @Buhlockaye has had them out since early July now.


You sure? I think they look like C5s
Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 9.25.13 AM

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@Buhlockaye opened them at the meet up just a few weeks ago. He can say for sure but this is also an older video. The covers he had on at the meet up were a bright neon yellow.

I haven’t watched the video but those look to be C5s.

Tell him you’re a dreamer. Even says “dreamers wanted” on the side :rofl:

Dude… make the Youtube video captioned for us that are Deaf and Hard of hearing!

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@OverlandKyle I presume you’re joking? But just in case you’re not. The video has no words. So nothing to caption.

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Thank you for the clarification…… wasn’t joking at all in case there was a voiceover or something like that describing your set up and all that as it shows the cabinet and all that, from the description it seemed like it was a walk through showcasing that new product… I stand corrected

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Yeah, my initial thought was you were joking but then thought, oh yeah, it wouldn’t have been obvious there was no voiceover if someone couldn’t hear it even if there was. The cabinet walk around on the product page should have the YouTube auto captioning turned on, but this is one of those “watch me camp” videos.

It needs a label that says “This video intentionally left un-narrated,” sort of like the This page intentionally left blank" pages in a good manual :slight_smile: