CAD models?

Does GFC have a CAD model they share? I’ve got some ideas and it would be amazing to start from their model vs measuring my camper. Even just the side extrusions would be a good start.

I’m a fellow fusion360 nerd and saw this: Go Fast Campers Turns Trucks Into Tents With Autodesk Fusion 360

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They do not as of now.

They do an amazing job supporting the aftermarket, and a while back they asked what would help the aftermarket grow. CAD models was a request I made, so maybe reach out to them and put in another vote for that.

Excited to see what you come up with!


I take delivery early next month and browsing this forum I’ve had so many ideas. I’ll ping them thx @jedgar

The main issue is that every lower section is custom angles, lengths, etc. There would be tons of cad models for this to work…

As far as we know - are the upper (tent) portions all the same geometry and length?

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New handheld 3d scanners are reasonably priced and highly accurate these days. I modeled up one side of my GFC frame and door to build accessory designs in SolidWorks, but not the whole thing.

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I remember that kid from last year when I was shopping for campers.

In that article I linked they explain they use Fusion 360 parametric modeling capabilities. If you look at it, they are also using motion study and some other pretty sweet features. Looks like all the CAM with robots and Haas CNC is modeled in there. Dang I would love to buy some beers for the CAD folks and see what they did.

Here is a quick intro for folks on the parametric modeling capabilities if they aren’t familiar, it’s pretty neat. I use it to make bins with my printer like is shown in the video. Parametric modeling in Fusion360 explained in 40 seconds + detailed tutorial with example - YouTube

My point was more that unless the lower sections are standard sizes, where a one size fits all approach could be used, after market parts will be in short supply. The things that do exist out there today ARE one size fits all (but variations from v1 to v2). These are parts that fit on pretty much any GFC as long as it has accessory rails or a certain accessory bolt hole, etc. However - if we wanted to start a bug screen company to make screens for the lower sections, those would be very different from truck variation to truck variation - and it wouldn’t make a lot of sense. Some lower portions are 6’ long. Some are 5’. Some are 8’… and the angles of the support bars change as well. See what I am saying?

So far as I can tell this would be the only time I would want to access CAD files for toppers that are not my own - and while I would certainly prefer a CAD file, I could pretty easily go make a drawing of my with a framing square, some painters tape, a tape measure, and an angle finder - how do I know? :wink:

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Ive already LIDAR scanned the interior of the V1. My plan is to model everything with ~80% of the details for personal use. Trying to find time and motivation for this. :face_exhaling:

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I’m a solid works guy and nothing in this is difficult to model with reasonable precision.

I have yet to pick mine up but know beyond a doubt I can make some custom accessories I want for personal use.


That’s all I’ve been doing, cranking out designs with SWX and 3d printing them, some people even like using them lol