California Commercial Registration Waiver

Hey California owners,

As I’m sure you are all painfully aware, the state classifies all pickup trucks as commercial vehicles (sort of) when they are registered so they can charge you extra fees. For my 2018 F-150 it comes out to about $80 annually (probably less for Taco Mafia since it’s based on weight).

There is a law in CA that allows you to register your truck as an auto (as opposed to commercial) if you have a camper permanently attached.

I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with this? My concerns are:

  1. I don’t have a build-out in the bed and don’t intend to. The minimal design of the GFC is one of the reasons I went with it, but it may not pass an inspectors sniff-test for camper.

  2. Adding the camper means your fees are based on value of truck + value of camper. Wondering if this would increase other fees to make it not worth it.

$80 bucks a year isn’t much, but getting over on the Man is priceless.

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Thanks for bringing this up, very interested in this

And give up parking in yellow zones? No way.

I bought a truck that had a leer shell on it and was registered non-comercial.

from what I’ve heard it’s having a bathroom that’s the biggest problem.

by “bathroom” should one count a bottle dedicated to urine?

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I don’t know how anyone can live in CA, they have tax or charge for everything!! Truly the last state I would pick to live in.


Not sure how people can live anywhere else :woozy_face:


I would think if your bottle is hooked up to some plumbing, you should be good to go. (Literally )

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This article might have some applicable info for those interested.

Great article I have 2001 Diesel commercial truck that I have to sell out of state. I’ve actually thought about an RV conversion. Maybe a GFC tent and a porta potti lol